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This solid pitch stop does not sacrifice rigidity in the name of weight-saving like others in the market. Instead, it was engineered to be strong and to help your engine put down power during acceleration and deacceleration by keeping it in place. This is a worthwhile upgrade for those looking to squeeze every drop of performance out of their vehicle. If you are an on-road guy or take your car to the strip, this is for you.


Choose from Mill or Satin Finish.

Solid Pitch Stop (RD3-101)

SKU: RD3-101
  • Precision milled from billet 6061 T6 aluminum. Solid construction with no bushings. Precision fit to minimize movement. 
    Weight 18oz.


  • 2019+ Ascent
    2020+ Subaru Legacy XT
    2020+ Outback
    2000+ Impreza
    2002+ WRX
    2004+ STI

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