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Consistency and efficiency go hand-in-hand and this is why we created these FENCE BLOCKS. These machined fences locate into the grooves of your shapeoko hybrid T-slot table and provide a consistent edge along your Y (and X with more creativity) to quickly change out stock. Our FNF BLOCKS feature a precision bored 0.250" dowel pin and and M6 through holes. Both of these features can be used to flip or secure a part during routing in addition to the block's primary function. 


These blocks feature machined flat and parallel faces for the best reliability and fit closely into the T-slot bed (with very little wiggle room - that is a good thing)


NOTE: These blocks are higher than the MDF board. This is intentional so that they work as a fence. However, when using them as a flip aid, your stock will need to rest your stock on all 4 blocks (you can purchase more if needed) and support large overhangs with a small shim in the bottom if needed (not provided). This is in a similar fashion as to how material stock is held "floating" on a vise.

Also, note that these fences do not apply any force to stock and are not meant to be used as clamping jaws.  Please use caution safety and common sense when fastening your material to your CNC machine. 


All blocks with be delivered with a tumbled finish for long-term aesthetics.


    • Only compatible with Carbide 3d's Shapeoko 4 and PRO hybrid tables.
    • T-nuts are not included - these are meant to be used with the ones supplied with your CNC machine.
    • Be sure to select the hardware option if needed, otherwise, you will need to supply two BHCS M6 x12 to attach the FNF BLOCK to your table.
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