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3D Laser Scanning, Engineering, and Prototyping.

"..Laser scanning saved us a lot of time and gave us an accurate design base " -  JM.

What we do is,

We specialize in 3d laser scanning, CNC prototyping in both plastics and metals, and create manufacturing solutions, and provide technical consulting. We can provide training and guidance tailored to your process to help you get started leveraging our 10+ years of experience.

What are the benefits of 3d laser scanning?

3D laser scanning allows engineers and designed to capture measurements and features that are difficult or nearly impossible to obtain with traditional measuring methods. This captured data can then be transformed into an accurate CAD Parasolid model to be the basis for a new design or to be re-created using technologies such as 3D printing and CNC machining.

As part of our full line of services, we provide design and engineering services for in-house prototyping and short-run manufacturing utilizing our fleet of in-house equipment that includes 3d scanners, 3d printers, and CNC milling equipment.

Our milling capabilities include ferrous and non-ferrous materials, engineering plastics, and others.

Our 3d printing capabilities include high-temperature FDM materials such as ABS and Nylon Carbon composites and Onyx from markforged.

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